Laser Surgery

Cascade Veterinary Clinic is pleased to provide an alternative to traditional veterinary surgery. We have been utilizing a surgical laser for select procedures for several years now. The CO2 laser is very useful for a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries. These include growth removals, cyst removals, surgery on the ears, mouth, throat, nose and cancer surgery.
Your pet will experience profound benefits from laser surgery. More precise than a scalpel, the laser reduces bleeding and bruising with the end result being a faster, less stressful and less painful recovery from surgery.

  • Reduced pain - The CO2 laser seals nerve endings as it makes an incision. Your pet feels less pain after surgery.
  • Less bleeding - When an incision is made, the laser seals blood vessels that are up to 1 mm in diameter. This means reduced blood loss for your pet and improved visibility for the surgeon.
  • Reduced swelling - Lymphatic vessels are sealed. There is less tissue damage because there is no physical contact between the laser instrument and the surgical area.
  • Greater precision - A highly focused beam of light energy cuts through tissue very precisely by vaporizing cells along the incision but causing minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue.
  • Reduced infection - The laser effectively sterilizes the surgical area by killing the organisms that cause infection.