Petly Patient Portal

Petly is your pet’s story in one place!

This online personalized pet health page is just for you and your pet which will let you manage your pet's health from one convenient place! Request appointments online, see your pet’s medical history, order prescriptions, and learn new information about how to keep your pet healthy! As one of the Pet Parents of Cascade Veterinary Clinics, you get free access to an account on the Petly online portal.

How do I join Petly?

Check your email inbox for your invitation, if you don’t see it, check your spam folder. You can also give us a call or send us your email address so that you can start experiencing Petly today!

To join Petly, you must have:
   •  A pet who visits a Cascade Veterinary Clinics' location
   •  A pet who has visited us within the last two years
   •  A valid zip code and email address attached to your pet’s file

If you want a Petly page, please provide one of our team members with your current email address; you’ll get an activation email providing you with login information within 24-48 hours. During your first login, you’ll be asked to create a password. Be sure to write it down!

If we have your email address and you did not sign up initially, or if you do not receive an activation email, just go the Petly’s website and and click on the “Trouble Signing In” link.  If you enter your email and submit it, you will then receive a password and you will be registered. We still have to have your email address on file for this process to work; Petly has to know to associate your account with Cascade Veterinary Clinics.


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Features of Your Petly Account

Pet Health
Keeping your pet healthy has never been so easy!  Review your pet’s test results, x-rays, immunization records and more.  Request an appointment or order a prescription online.  Petly is designed to let you access your pet’s health resources when you need them most.

Your Pet’s Appointment Information
View up-to-the-hour information on future appointments.  Know when to arrive and what to expect at each appointment.

The Latest in Pet Health
Access informative articles about the latest in pet health from the Pet Health Network.  From medical
articles to behavior tips, breed information to breaking news about tick borne diseases and food recalls, the Pet Health Network has it all to help you keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible.

Get Social!
With a live Facebook feed, see the latest in pet-related news, learn about deals and offers, and stay in touch.


Screenshot of the Petly online portal