April is National Pet Month

This month focuses on the benefits of the human and pet bond, increases awareness of services provided to pets and their owners, and encourages you to take a moment to recognize how pets influence our emotional and physical well being.

Join us on Facebook and Instagram as we post pictures of our pets and their families. And be sure to share some of your own furry family photos, so we can celebrate together.

10 ways to celebrate by making this month extra special:

  1. Explore a day trip with your pet
  2. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  3. Visit your local pet store for a new pet toy
  4. Groom them
  5. Snuggle on a Saturday afternoon with them
  6. Watch training videos or hire a local pet trainer
  7. Play games with them (such as hiding treats in a muffin tin covering each muffin tin with a tennis ball so your pet has to uncover their treats)
  8. Get pet insurance
  9. Have a photoshoot (maybe it's been a while?)
  10. Schedule a wellness exam

Take time to remind your pet how much joy they bring to your life!